Welcome to Hong Kong Project Management Exchange Centre Ltd  (“PMEC”)







The focus of activities of the Centre has been the promotion of contacts between Hong Kong and China in the construction industry. Emphasis has been placed on planning and organizing academic and professional meetings, conferences and visits between Hong Kong and China. These activities will be continued and be extended to link up with overseas countries in the years to come. The following activities are planned:

  1. To resume co-organization of certificate courses in Project Management with the Mainland universities and related organisations.
  2. To provide services to the construction industry and the related professions especially regarding academic, information management, technology and publication exchange activities; etc.
  3. To provide services regarding exchange visits, meetings, and international conferences.
  4. To plan and organize training programme at all levels for the construction industry locally and in the region.
  5. To develop linkages with overseas.
  6. To facilitate and provide consultancy services to meet the demands of the construction industry.




一  與內地大學及相關建設監理研究所合作,從開辦建設項目管理證書課程。

二  為建造業及有關專業機構提供學術、資訊、管理、技術及出版等交流活動的服務。

三  協助籌辦國際會議、考察及參觀等交流活動。

四  為中港台,兩岸三地建造界組織各層次的培訓課程。

五  與其他國家或地區建立聯繫。

六  為建造界提供諮詢服務。