About PMEC 關於我們



Hong Kong is a window between East and West. Hong Kong has been important as an entrepot of goods and commodities; and also as a centre for the exchange of knowledge and expertise, given the geographical location in the hub of Southeast Asia and the ability of Hong Kong’s people and institutions to relate to Western thinking and business practices as well as to Asian cultures and traditional values. Since the Sino-British Agreement on the future of Hong Kong and with the reversion of Hong Kong to China in 1997, the unique role that Hong Kong plays in relation to China has become increasingly clear, as is Hong Kong’s mission to transfer knowledge and experience.

Project management is a subject of universal concern which transcends differences in social, economic and educational systems. The improved communication through recent exchange visits and meetings organized by Hong Kong and Chinese academic and professional organizations has reinforced the indisputable role of project management in construction although there may be differences in interpretation and practice.

The importance of project management has been gradually recognized in China, and many sectors have been actively promoting project management. In the late of 1988, the Ministry of Construction even made project management a mandatory subject in the construction industry. Subsequently with wide support from the industry, the Research Institute of Project Administration and Management (RIPAM) was established at Tongji University, acting as a spearhead in the promotion and development of project management throughout the nation. Capstans of the construction professionals in Hong Kong who are knowledgeable about project management were quickly drawn to the centre of excellence.

Against this background of opportunities and excellence, the Hong Kong Project Management Exchange Centre (hereafter called PMEC) was launched with organic linkage with Mainland universities and related organisations and established with the board remit to promote exchange, encourage dialogue, strengthen links, develop human resources and facilitate consultancy and services, in areas relating to project management and generally in the field of construction.